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When Mr. Alvin Howes started his insurance agency in 1953 he had a simple mission: provide excellent service and understanding of insurance products so that his neighbor-customers would enjoy greater protection of their lives and assets. His goal was to help families and businesses in Sykesville and Carroll County. In those days, A.L. Howes was operated from Mr. Howes’ own Sykesville residence.  In 1975, the agency moved its office to Main Street in Sykesville where it became a cornerstone of the business district. Over the years, the agency has grown, and now has a presence in Pennsylvania and West Virginia as well as Maryland. The agency still operates on Alvin Howes’ founding vision of professionalism and personalized customer service.  Our goal is to offer valuable advice that helps our clients protect the things that matter most to them — their lives, businesses, families, and the assets they’ve spent a lifetime building.

Great service isn’t only at the heart of what we do — it’s who we are.  When you call A.L. Howes you will speak to an experienced insurance professional.  Our professionals will take the time to listen and then offer insurance options that are best for you.  That means they will make sure that your assets and your future are protected.  At A.L. Howes insurance is an important tool in preserving the life and assets you have built.

What can you expect from A.L. Howes?

  • An analysis and discussion of your current insurance program
  • A discussion of options for you to consider such as different limits, deductibles and coverage options.
  • A tailored program that fits your specific needs.
  • Insurance options presented so that they are easy to understand.
  • A better understanding of the insurance terms
  • A greater understanding of your available options so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

When we meet with new customers we are often surprised to see that their current coverage is either incorrect or insufficient.  This is just as true for business insurance as it is personal insurance.  Unfortunately in the insurance industry it’s not unusual for one company to merely offer a client the same coverage, as it was previously written. This is a terrible disservice.  We ensure that this never happens.  Our process uncovers the hidden facts of previously written policies and improves them for greater coverage, protection and value.

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