Business Insurance

The US economy is driven by small businesses.  These companies provide products and services as well as jobs for families across the country.  We specialize in offering insurance solutions to businesses so they are prepared for the risks they face.  Businesses of any size can suffer when an unexpected issue occurs.  Any company can be damaged or destroyed by a negative event like an auto accident, property damage, loss of income, crime or other unfortunate occurrence.  Our experts will review your points of exposure and review them with you in a one-on-one meeting. That’s how we keep you informed and how you make the decisions that are best for you.

Some of our business offerings include:

  • Property Insurance: Property insurance covers your company’s building or structure and also ‘personal property,’ the fixtures, equipment, furniture and merchandise.
  • Liability Insurance: Liability insurance protects your company against claims that it harmed another party.  It pays damages for bodily injury or property damage if your business is responsible.  Payments may also include medical costs for those who are injured by your business.
  • Business Auto Insurance: Automobiles are a potential liability for any company.  That’s why our policy covers you with insurance that pays costs resulting from bodily injury or property damage (up to the policy limits if your business is legally liable). Depending on your coverage your policy may also pay to repair or replace your vehicle because of damage resulting from accidents, theft, flooding or other events.  When you are depending on your vehicles to be out on the road conducting business, that coverage can offer you major peace of mind.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance: An injury to an employee at work can be as devastating to your company as it is to the individual who is hurt.  Our coverage pays for medical care and replaces a portion of lost wages for an employee who is injured in the course of employment, regardless of who was at fault for the injury. With less risk, Workers Compensation Insurance allows everyone to sleep easier.
  • Business Catastrophe Liability or Umbrella Policies.  This coverage begins where your other liability coverage may end. It’s designed to continue protecting your organization beyond the limits of standard coverage such as for general liability and auto liability policies.  If your company is the target of a lawsuit with your assets at stake, your policy will extend liability coverage for legal fees, medical bills, and damage expenses.

Specialized Liability Insurance: These policies are designed to meet specific liability policy needs of individual businesses, such as:

  • Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O)/Professional Liability Insurance: This policy protects you against your own mistakes or perceived errors.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI):  As our society becomes more litigious actions concerning wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation and other issues are more common. An EPLI policy protects your organization by covering your directors and officers, managers, and employees against claims.
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D&O): Much like EPLI Insurance, D&O offers your most important people protection against liability and law suits.
  • Terrorism Insurance: This product is offered to owners of commercial property as mandated by the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, enacted by Congress in 2002. Insurance losses attributed to terrorist acts are insured by private insurers and also reinsured by the federal government.
  • Data Breach Liability:  In a world that is rapidly becoming totally digital and electronic a data breach policy protects your business from cyber liabilities.  This is important for so many organizations that conduct business over the Internet, the cloud, and within other’s private networks.  Loss of client data and breaches of privacy can create many costly issues that a well thought-out policy can mitigate.

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