Personal Insurance

At A.L. Howes we have the experience to know that there is an art and a science to good coverage.  It’s all about making sure that your policies extend beyond the basics so that even if the unexpected should happen, you will still have your assets and your future to look forward to.  That’s why we listen and learn about you from our very first discussion forward.  That’s how you know you can count on us.

Auto Insurance

With so many cars and distracted drivers out there these days the open road can be a hazardous place. Do you have sufficient coverage?  How about if you, your passengers, or other drivers and pedestrians sustain injuries?  Without sufficient limits the medical and legal bills can be a second catastrophe. That’s why we make sure you understand your policy’s limits and make decisions that are grounded in the realities of risk and cost. Taking the time to explain and discuss options is the customized service our licensed agents provide our clients every day. That’s the difference real insurance expertise makes.

Home Insurance

Your home is one of your biggest investments.  It protects you, and you need to protect it.  We ask you important questions and closely examine your current coverage to customize a policy that safeguards your real property.  After all, it’s the roof over your family’s head.  No damage, visitor’s injury, or catastrophe should ever threaten your home.  Our experienced agents offer carefully considered advice so that you can always provide a house and home to your family.


You don’t have to own your home to require significant protection.  Renters insurance covers your belongings.  It’s also there for you with liability protection if you or your pet accidentally injure or harm another person.    The best part of renters insurance is how inexpensive it is, usually between just $12 and $20 per month.  Our professionals help you choose a policy that will be there for you, protecting your assets every day in the home you rent.


A condo insurance policy needs to dovetail with your condominium association’s policy.  Part of the service our insurance professionals provide is a review of your condo associations’ documents to determine what coverage is already provided to you. Our professionals help by suggesting policies based on your family’s needs, where you live, and what your association’s coverage includes. We will take the time to review all relevant documents so you are provided a comprehensive policy that is designed just for you.

Life Insurance

Of course your family depends on you, but so do many others including your employees and business partners.  Life insurance gives them all assurance that even in the absence of your strength and abilities they won’t lose the lifestyle you helped them build.    It can be challenging to know exactly what policies fit your family and business interests.  Our professionals discuss the products that are available to you (such as term and whole life) and help you decide what best fits your needs and objectives.  Most of all, we’ll help you be there for all those who count on you no matter what the future may hold.

Umbrella Coverage

Do you know your auto insurance and homeowners liability limits?   A catastrophe you do not anticipate can exceed them. That’s why many people choose to purchase an umbrella policy.  Our insurance experts can show you how an umbrella policy can protect you beyond the limits of your other policies.  An umbrella is an affordable option that we hope you never need, but that can protect you and your assets.

Inland Marine Insurance

If it’s property and it moves, it can be protected by Inland Marine Insurance.  While the name is misleading, it is coverage for your property that’s on the go, over land or sea. We’ll ask the key questions to help you find appropriate coverage with a premium you can afford.

Boat Insurance

Your investment in your boat is going to sink or swim on your ability to protect the craft, trailer and equipment you bought.  There are a lot of options out there.  That’s why our professionals are here for you, helping you sort out all of your exposure, needs and options.   We’ll help you find the coverage you need at a rate that won’t make waves with your budget.

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